Electronic Cigarette War: Vapor Shark Sues Vapor Hog

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See also: – — Ex-Smokers Organize to Keep E-Cigarettes on the Market Now Vapor Shark’s parent company, the Hand Media, is suing a competitor, Vapor Hog , claiming deceptive and unfair trade practices and unfair competition. In a complaint in federal court, Vapor Shark claims that “Vapor Hog has siphoned, and continues to siphon, customers away from Vapor Shark by utilizing strikingly similar marks and a trade name that… infringes upon and dilutes the value of the VS marks and damages Vapor Shark.” It points out that the “hog” in Vapor Hog “refers to a Hog-Snapper fish, not… a pig, boar, or other variety of swine” and alleges that the logos, color schemes, and store layouts are all copycatted. Vapor Shark says that Vapor Hog has had the gall to leave fliers on cars parked at Vapor Shark and that Vapor Hog’s minions go online to Yelp and other sites and falsely allege that Vapor Shark uses e-liquid from China.
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But shes also seen other local merchants selling similar devices specifically designed for marijuana and hash. There are devices, vaporizers and the like, that are sold specifically for such purposes, said a woman who identified herself only as Ashley, who works at a local smoke shop. She says those devices are growing in popularity, especially in states where medical marijuana is legal. When you have the ability to have a vaporizer, it just creates a vapor free of chemicals. Its a healthy alternative, no matter what you put in it, Ashley said.
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