How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Whatever one calls smokeless smokers, their number is growing rapidly. A recent study by the British health campaigning charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) found that the number of people in that country who reported trying electronic cigarettes more than doubled, from 9 percent in 2010 to 22 percent in 2012. Almost all the new users were people who already had smoked cigarettes and 40 percent of them hoped switching would free them from the usual hazards of smoking. Those hazards include an increased risk of dying from cancer, mostly due to inhaling the tar and other toxins released by tobacco when it is burned. How Much Safer?
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Best Electronic Cigarette Technology embraced by White Cloud says Digitalsmoke.org

Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Mindfulness Mindfulness training helped participants in a 2011 Drug and Alcohol Dependence study to stay off cigarettes. That study included 88 people who smoked 20 cigarettes daily, on average, who were split up into two groups: One received four weeks of mindfulness training, while the other group went through four weeks of an American Lung Association stop-smoking program. The researchers found that more of those who went through the mindfulness training smoked fewer cigarettes — and stayed off them — than those who went through the other stop-smoking program.
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Electronic cigarette ignites debate

“For the intent of stopping smoking we don’t recommend it because it still promotes the behaviors of smoking,” says Edson. Because it’s hard to tell if the cigarette is made with paper or plastic. “When they first came out I did have customers say, ‘Well bars asked me not to official website use these or restaurants because it gives the impression that we are smoking in the establishment’,” says Hartkemeyer. “So I think we’ll just stay with the non-smoking trend and maybe be the first to implement it in the Eau Claire area,” says Aspenson.
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Electronic Cigarettes: Do They Really Help Smokers Quit?

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Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity in South Florida

Electronic cigarettes could rekindle battles over smoking in public

Flavoring and nicotine are added to a base primarily made up of propylene glycol and glycerin. A lithium battery in the device heats the liquid, turning it to vapor. njoy “Once you get used to this, you like this better than cigarettes,” said Oscar Rodriguez, Director of Business Development at Vapor Shark. “You don’t smell, it doesn’t stain your teeth, it doesn’t stick to your clothes.” Some people turn to vaping as an alternative to smoking. Others use it to quit the habit altogether, but experts said there are still questions about the safety of e-cigarettes. “They’re certainly interesting devices and we need to know more, but we don’t know enough yet,” said Dr.
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Electronic Cigarettes — Let’s Think Before We Inhale

Concerns about harm from secondhand vapor are not at the forefront. While a 2012 German study found that the vapor is an “aerosol of ultrafine particles,” no studies have shown it to be dangerous. But Moffitt and others question claims that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit. “We’d strongly recommend anyone from using them,” he said, “especially with so many other valid smoking-cessation devices and techniques that we know work.” He also doubts that the e-cigarette industry, which includes big tobacco companies, would encourage people to stop using nicotine entirely.
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It is possible that there may be therapeutic value to a vaporized nicotine product for the purpose of tobacco use cessation and we should certainly explore this possibility. But, to make this decision, specific products must be reviewed and evaluated by the FDA through established processes demonstrating safety and efficacy before bringing them to market. Today one in six Americans already have the disease of addiction — that’s more than the number with heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Another 80 million engage in substance use in ways that threaten health and safety. Addiction and risky substance use is the largest preventable and most costly health problem in the U.S.
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Electronic Cigarette War: Vapor Shark Sues Vapor Hog

The New Tobacco Shop is Here: E-Cigarette Store Opens in Manhattan

See also: – — Ex-Smokers Organize to Keep E-Cigarettes on the Market Now Vapor Shark’s parent company, the Hand Media, is suing a competitor, Vapor Hog , claiming deceptive and unfair trade practices and unfair competition. In a complaint in federal court, Vapor Shark claims that “Vapor Hog has siphoned, and continues to siphon, customers away from Vapor Shark by utilizing strikingly similar marks and a trade name that… infringes upon and dilutes the value of the VS marks and damages Vapor Shark.” It points out that the “hog” in Vapor Hog “refers to a Hog-Snapper fish, not… a pig, boar, or other variety of swine” and alleges that the logos, color schemes, and store layouts are all copycatted. Vapor Shark says that Vapor Hog has had the gall to leave fliers on cars parked at Vapor Shark and that Vapor Hog’s minions go online to Yelp and other sites and falsely allege that Vapor Shark uses e-liquid from China.
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But shes also seen other local merchants selling similar devices specifically designed for marijuana and hash. There are devices, vaporizers and the like, that are sold specifically for such purposes, said a woman who identified herself only as Ashley, who works at a local smoke shop. She says those devices are growing in popularity, especially in states where medical marijuana is legal. When you have the ability to have a vaporizer, it just creates a vapor free of chemicals. Its a healthy alternative, no matter what you put in it, Ashley said.
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E Cigarette Reviewed Gets Back to Basics with New Review of Seminole Electronic Cigarettes